415 Fifth Avenue, New York
1st - 2nd March 2017

Moleskine Showcase

Moleskine positions itself as an inclusive and premium journey brand that enables everyday life on the move. As we move further into a digital world; consuming music from the cloud, reading stories online, and sketching notes and designs on battery-powered devices, Moleskine has embraced this reality by providing products that bridge the gap between analog and digital. For Millennial 2020 Summit, Moleskine is offering guests the opportunity to test out their innovative Smart Writing Set; a pen, a notebook and an app that work together and convert your handwritten notes and designs from your page to your screen in real time. Whether you use ink on paper or a digitally-powered device, Moleskine invites you to experience the best of both worlds.


Moleskine Showcase, 1st Floor:
1st - 2nd March 2017

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