Victoria House, London
13th - 14th April 2016


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Millennial 2020: the future of retail awaits
Heavy shopping bags, sore feet, queues at the fitting room…what if shopping could be fun again?...
Ian King Live talks Tesco and Millennial 20/20 Summit
3 things you need to know today to better serve Millennials
It was a hungry crowd at Day 1 of Millennial 2020 who came to hear a diverse bunch of speakers including Unilever, WeChat, Pepsi, Starwood...
Content, social causes and being casual: Expedia, Matches Fashion and more share their tips for millennial engagment
Have we reached peak millennial? If these products and slogans are anything to go by, maybe
Millennials are, apparently hot property. You only need to look at Google's search trends to find out just how hot...
Millennial Marketing Boom
What makes millennnials different from other consumers? It's the subject of a summit this week - Millennial 20/20 - which has bought together more than 2,000 businesses...
Millennial 20/20: The future of retail awaits
How Starwood Hotels is using technology to innovate hospitality
Starwood Hotels & Resorts describes the many technologies it is using to improve the guest experience from online research through to innovations in the hotel room...
Millennials not just on ego trip, say economists
Millennials are more outward looking that any generation that has come before them, according to new research...

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